car salesman shaking hands with with a couple after a sale

What are the advantages of a non-commission sales team?

When it comes to buying a car, there are a lot of stereotypes about car salesmen. Pushiness and a lack of transparency are two of the main issues. Here at Krenzen, we pride ourselves on being a non-commission sales team, which means that we can focus on offering the best in customer service for our customers in the Duluth area, whether they are searching for a new Honda, Nissan or Lincoln , or even a high-quality used vehicle. What are the advantages of a non-commission sales team? Keep reading to find out.

couple signing for a vehicle purchase with a car salesman

How does a commission work at a car dealership?

At many dealerships, salespeople get a commission for each car sold, which changes depending on how expensive the vehicle is. That means that selling vehicles, and selling the most expensive vehicle possible, is often a priority for a car salesman or saleswoman. While this can be profitable for a dealership, it can be stressful for a salesperson, and doesn’t deliver the best customer-service experience.

Krenzen: Home of the Non-Commission Sales Team in Duluth MN

When you visit one of our three Krenzen locations on Haines Road and Mall Drive, you can expect top rate service to go with our quality vehicles. Our sales team works commission-free. That means that when a new or returning customer comes to one of our dealerships, our sales professionals have the time and ability to work with them to find the perfect vehicle for their needs, not just the most expensive vehicle they can afford.

Here at Krenzen, we hope that our customers can find the vehicles that they need in the price range they want. And, with our non-commission sales team, we want to give our employees the freedom to take the time to make that happen. If you are interested in experiencing the “Krenzen Way” in Duluth MN, contact a member of our sales team or schedule a test drive.