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Keep yourself and your loved ones safe this holiday season!

How to stay safe during the 2020 holiday season

The 2020 holiday season is right around the corner. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still affecting a variety of individuals across the country. Because the virus is still in full swing across the country, we have put together a brief guide on how to stay safe during the 2020 holiday season. Our guide comes from what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises for the holiday. Learn more below!

Should we host holidays as normal?

It really would not be the safest choice to host holidays like normal this year. The CDC says that one of the best ways to remain safe is to not intermingle households. The CDC also put together a list of activities that range from low risk to high risk. Check it out below.

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Low Risk

  • Small dinner with individuals in your household
  • Making traditional family meals and sharing with family and neighbors in a non-contact way
  • Virtual dinner with family and friends
  • Online shopping
  • Watching parades, sporting events, and movies at home

Moderate Risk

  • Small outdoor dinner with friends or family in your community
  • Attending small sporting events where proper protocols are in place
  • Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard with masks and hand sanitizer

High Risk

  • Shopping in a crowded store
  • Participating or spectating a crowded race
  • Going to a crowded parade
  • Attending a large indoor gathering with people from outside of your household

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